Cassava flour equipment

cassava flour processing plant

Aplication of cassava

Nowadays many Nigeria person want to process the cassava roots to all kind of products, such as cassava flour, cassava starch and garri etc. Because of high quality cassava flour have a very huge market in Nigeria market and this business was supported by the gorvenment. Many local person begin to do the cassava flour processing plant business. The cassava flour equipment is also suitable for cassava, sweet potato, yam, plantain and other roots.

The whole production line of main cassava flour equipment is as below: 
Washing & Peeling, Crushing, Dewatering, Drying and Packing.
cassava flour processing equipment

Cassava flour processing equipment

1.Cassava peeling: The weighed cassava roots peeled manually to reduce high peeling loss associated with mechanical peelers due to irregular shape of cassava root. If you need the large capacity, the peeling machine is necessary.

2.Cassava washing: Peeled root is washed with sufficient quantity of potable water to remove sand, dirt and other contaminants.

3.Cassava crusher: The root is grated to cassava mash through the crushing machine .

4.Dewatering: The moisture content of the mash is reduced mechanically to about 38% to prepare for drying procedure.

cassava flour equipment

Cassava flour production chart flow

5.Cassava cake breaking: The dewatered cassava cake from dewatering process is disintegrated into fine granules using hammer mill.

6.Drying: The airflow dryer is the vital equipment for dewatering flour to dry. It will use the hot air to make the flour dry totally.

cassava flour processing equipment

Cassava flour drying and packing equipment

7.Sieving and Packaging: The flour is sieved by the vibrating screen and packaged appropriately.

Above is the full set of cassava flour equipment, According to your real budget and demand, the cassava flour equipment list could also be adjusted. Our Doing company will update all the cassava flour equipment and technical service all the time to supply clients best cassava flour processing equipment.


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