Cassava flour production plant

High quality cassava flour is simple unfermented cassava flour. Our  high quality cassava flour production process minimizes the capital investment requirements for flour production by making use of simple equipment already used for gari processing.

how to make cassava flour

How to make cassava flour

Cassava flour production plant equipment required:

Casssava tubers cleaning and peeling --Cassava Grater--Press--Dryer--Pin mill--Sfiting machine

Under optimal conditions (dry sunny weather for sun drying). Our cassava flour production plant enables small-scale primary processors to produce high quality unfermented cassava flour that meets the specifications of industrial users within one day. Drying has been identified as the major tool for expanding processing of cassava into high quality cassava flour.

cassava flour production plant

Cassava flour production plant

Cassava flour production plant - Postharvest Equipment    

Peelers--Washers--Graters--Pressers--Extruders--Millers--Dryers--Pelletizers--Sealers--Packing machines

cassava flour processing plant machine

Cassava flour production plant-- dryer machine

Cassava flour production plant--Flash dryer

The flash dryer (3t/day capacity) is well insulated with the product contact surface made of stainless steel and a semiautomated feeder. It could be operated with combined kerosene/spent oil.

The dryer is user friendly and will encourage greater cassava flour production.

cassava flour production

The main casava flour processing machine

Application of cassava flour production plant

Our cassava flour production plant can produce high quality cassava flour. This product flour have many diferent application as below:

1. Cassava flour can be used as Food.

2. Cassava flour can be used for making modifed flour.

3. Cassava flour can be used for making glucose and other derivatives.

cassava flour production plant

Cassava flour production plant

The features of cassava flour procution plant

1. Advanced and reliable cassava processing technology.

2. Energy-saving, water-saving, labor-saving and little pollution. hot recycling close type production and the process water will be recycled .

3.Mostly machinery with fully stainless steel to be sure these is no corrosion.

4. Advanced surface treatment craft.

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